Your Kids are Graduating from High School - Now What?

“Empty nest syndrome” is a common term used to describe the solitude and sadness a parent feels when the kids leave home.  Surely if your children are getting ready to graduate from high school they’ll be talking about starting college or even international medical studies.  And this might mean that they’ll move away from home, perhaps to another state.

So what should you do?  How should handle the situation?  Letting your grief take over is certainly not the answer.  You can avoid the feelings of loneliness and loss by keeping a positive attitude and remaining involved in the transition. 

Begin by taking an active role in your child’s search for the right college.  Find out what interests them most and what they’re looking for in a school.  Inquire as to their short and long term objectives in order to better advise them.  If your son is keen on pursuing a career in marine biology you would want him to attend a university that offers a specialized curriculum in the field.  It will be up to you to research scholarship possibilities and to obtain the necessary information as to tuition saving programs. 

Once the decision is made and the applications have been approved, it’s time to begin thinking about living arrangements.  Will your child live on campus or remain at home.  If the first is true, you’ll want to begin obtaining moving quotes as soon as possible.  Certain times of the year tend to be the busiest in the moving industry and securing a truck rental might be more difficult than you think.  It could even be more costly. 

And keep in mind that while your child will be away, he or she will be obtaining an education and planning for a future.  This is a motive to rejoice, not to be sad.  Nowadays staying in touch with your youngsters is easier than ever.  You no longer have to rely on just the phone.  The Internet has made it possible for the world to stay connected.  So email uplifting messages or send a text with an “I believe in you” note.  Your attitude will do wonders for your child’s wellbeing.

Don’t let the “empty nest syndrome” be part of your life.            


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