Foreign Real Estate Investors: Katy Texas Homes For Sale

Many people who try to sell their home in the Texas city of Katy completely forget about marketing to the international audience. The truth is that there are lots of foreign real estate investors waiting to snap up properties in the US, but they don’t know that they are for sale. So, if you currently live in Katy TX and are trying to sell your home, make sure you at least think about advertising to the international marketplace. Foreign buyers are unlikely to know a lot about the local and national real estate market, so you can often list your property for a premium price.

Many people wrongly assume that those living overseas won’t be interested in buying real estate unless they have a green card. The truth is that many wealthy people overseas like to buy second homes in countries they can’t become permanent residents so they have a private place to stay during vacations. In addition, many international investors are experienced property agents who plan to rent out all the properties they buy. The best US realtors will help you to connect with international buyers and take care of all the legal paperwork. Remember, as aforementioned, you can often charge foreign buyers a large premium because they don’t know how the local real estate market in your city operates. Therefore, if you looking to get the best possible price for your Katy TX family home, you need to at least consider the international market.

There are of course many other ways in which you can raise the resale value of your property. For example, you could consider adding an extension to your home or converting an existing cellar or attic into an additional bedroom. You might be surprised at how much value the addition of an extra bedroom can add to your home. Of course, you should never spend more on construction work than you expect to get back and you need to ensure you have planning permission from the relevant governing bodies.

Another quick way to increase the value of your property is to tend to the surrounding landscape. Curbside appeal can be a major selling point, so you need to make sure that any land around your home is well-maintained. If you have let the gardens surrounding your family home become seriously overgrown, you might need to hire the services of the best landscaping professionals Katy Texas has to offer.